Olivia~ 1 Month

I cannot believe our little pumpkin is one month old already?! How did time go by so quickly? 

We have taken a lot of pictures on our phones of Olivia because we are obsessed with her, so you will see those below! haha 

Our little girl was almost 9 pounds at her last doctor appointment, she's growing so quickly! We finally got some headbands for her that actually fit and are totally adorable! She is still wearing newborn size clothes and diapers for right now! 

Olivia is still nursing so so well and she's beginning to stay awake a little more each day and sleep a little longer stretches during the night! For about a whole week she slept on and off in her bassinet and with us and that was hard for me because I kept waking up to make sure she was okay and nothing was touching her and she slept the longest periods of time when she is in our bed, but thankfully she is staying in her bassinet more and more and getting used to it. This pass weekend Olivia's meme got her the Dohm noise machine that I have been wanting and decided she would love once  I heard the noise it has, and I was absolutely right!! It sounds like a little fan/space heater and is so soothing and blocks out a lot of noise. It's expensive but if you get it from BuyBuyBaby with a coupon it's not so bad and I think it's totally worth it!  https://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/marpac-the-original-sound-conditioner-dohm-elite-white-noise-machine/3339175?Keyword=dohm

I have been pumping 3 to 4 times per day and have been building a freezer stash, which has now outgrown our little freezer and I am in the process of finding room for a deep freezer to keep this milk so I can continue pumping! Also I found little fruitsicle molds at BuyBuyBaby so that I can make breastmilk pops for when Olivia starts to teeth! I get so excited doing these things like pumping and freezing milk and the milk popsicles because I know I'm doing something for my bebe that is so healthy and good for her! (https://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/nuby-trade-garden-fresh-fruitsicle-tray/1043680108?Keyword=fruitsicle)

Olivia's next appointment is her 2 month and the doctor said she will be getting shots, so I am seriously hoping she'll react the same way she did when she had shots in the hopsital- which is no reaction at all! Ha we shall see! 

Nick and I are loving every minute we get to spend with her and we just keep looking at her so amazed at how beautiful she is and we are so overwhelmed with the thought that she is OUR BABY!! It still seems a little crazy that after being together for 10 years, married 5 and everything we have been through together that we have a little girl that we made and we are so incredibly proud of! 

Check out the pictures below of our sweet little pumpkin!!