Olivia~ 3 Months

What?! My baby is 3 months old?! 


Seriously 3 months has flown by! I am so sad and so excited at the same time watching her grow up! I still can't see if she looks more like me or more like Nick, she's just so stinking cute no matter who she looks like! ha! 

This month has been different for us because I went back to work at Block for the season (and I'm feeling like I'm already over it, LOL), so there has been a lot of adjustment with getting her and myself ready in the morning. Now I have to start getting ready 3 HOURS before I have to be at work, 3 HOURS!!! haha I am so not used to that, I am a very simple girl and can be ready in 30 minutes or less normally but with Olivia theres much more to do and MUCH more to pack up for the day!

Olivia has been hanging out with Cayla (one of my older sisters) while I am working, but today Nick was off and got to watch Olivia and they had a very successful and fun day, so I am so so happy for their time together!! 

Olivia still has a ton of slobber, in fact she has so much slobber that sometime when she's laying down she starts coughing because her slobber is like going down her throat or something, it's crazy! And she is soaking her little shirts! lol! 

She is obsessed with chewing on her hand, she chews on it a ton, which has also turned into a scary thing because she sometimes gets her fingers in the back of her throat and she starts gagging!! Thankfully I've had a ton of practice with babies my entire life I dont freak out when things like that happen, so thankfully for practice before we had our own baby! 

Our favorite outfit that is 3 mos is her black bear one, so you will see that a lot on facebook and instagram! 

She still loves her bath times! She hates being cold and hates a wet diaper! 

She's been stealing stares at the tv or phones while they are on but I have been trying to make sure she doesn't really have any screen time and more play time! She also still hates tummy time but we are working on that, haha! 

Olivia is grabbing her blankie the most but exploring trying to grab other things, this morning she had her little monkey that dangles from her play mat stuck on her face and the chewy bananas it has she was trying to bite for a good five minutes haha

Ah speaking of food, she loves watching us eat and gets so excited it's too funny! So I am excited for her to start trying some food in a few months! We are stilling breastfeeding when I am with her and otherwise she gets a breastmilk bottle from her freezer stash! 

She's been cooing and "yelling" at us a TON, she loves yelling and squawking like crazy and it just makes us laugh and makes us so proud and happy! 

Oh and I am so proud she has been sleeping 8-10 hours a night like a champ!! 

We love you baby girl and we can't wait to see what things you will learn the rest of this month!!!