In case you haven't heard... We are having a baby!!

We are so thrilled to announce we are expecting our first baby in October!! We were shocked but really excited! I am 10 weeks along and the baby has fingers and toes and little facial features, all in the size of a strawberry! How incredible?! 

 We have a lot to work on and plan before October comes. I'm still hoping that once the baby comes I'll be able to do photography full time and be home with the baby as much as I can, and stay away from a schedule that doesn't fit with our new lives. So please keep sharing my page with your family and friends! 

I am currently reading What to expect when you're expecting, and wow! That book has a lot of information and I'm only 200 pages in! I'm planning to read along as my pregnancy progresses. Speaking of my pregnancy, I have been so blessed this far, I haven't had any morning sickness which is fantastic!! I've been extra tired and hungry every few hours, so I'm learning to eat smaller meals and snacks more often! 

Sometimes I'm happy about being 10 weeks and enjoying this time while our baby is growing and others I just want to speed up to my due date and be able to see our little peanut! Nick and I have not come to an agreement on whether to find out the sex or not. I don't want to know (at least for our first baby) and he really wants to know, and he really wants a boy (of course)!!

We are still living with my mother for the time being, we were in the process of getting pre-approved for a home loan, and we ran into a rather large bump in this road. Long story short they don't like that Nick gets a 1099 instead of a W2. So our plan for now is to wait until July and save and plan as much as we can and see if anything with his work changes (and immediately pushes us into being able to get pre-approved). So keep us and our housing situation in your prayers, we would really love to buy a home instead of forking out money for an apartment. 

We are probably going to plan on having 2 baby showers, one here in SC and one in Ohio. I've thought about waiting until after the baby is born to have the showers (if we decide to wait on finding out the sex). But like everything else that is up in the air for now!! Haha! 

Here are some photos below of our announcement! We got these shirts made and that's how we told our families we were expecting! Some of them noticed right away and others were not as quick! But it was fun seeing everyone's reactions (as much as I could through the tears)! Haha!!