Sweet Adalie

So my friend from my first job here in SC just had her sweet little baby girl! It was a little tricky going to see her because Molly was induced the day before we were supposed to leave for our little vacation and I wanted to get a few Fresh 48 photos while she was still in the hospital!

Thankfully I had a little bit of light left when I got to the hospital to visit Molly and the baby. So
I got some adorable shots of her and of course got to snuggle and breathe in that newborn freshness! There is seriously nothing better than the way a new baby smells! 

It was really fun being pregnant at the same time with Molly and I got to experience some symptoms a couple months after her. Molly and Chris are so sweet and so loving I have no doubt that they are already wonderful parents to this precious girl! 

In her photos below she is just a few hours old and so sweet!!