A Crisp Morning at the Apple Orchard

We took Olivia to the apple orchard in North Carolina one Saturday morning, It was cool out when we left but I was not expecting it to be overcast and windy, and like 10 degrees cooler than home. Thankfully we all had jackets, just wished I would’ve had a hat for Olivia to cover her ears. (I gotta get to crocheting her a few hats, and maybe some mittens!!)

We wanted to pick apples so I was really excited to get to use Olivia’s new wagon for her to ride in and carry apples. She started off in the wagon but by the time we were done picking apples we were taking turns carrying her and the wagon was full of our bags and the apple bucket! Haha Still was a super useful item I am glad I keep in my trunk!

Olivia’s first instinct was to eat the apples or at least slobber on them before we put them in the basket, but hey it made her happy. We have already made some applesauce and will probably be making more of that and some apple chips! If anyone has any healthy recipes with apples send them my way, we still have a bunch to use up!

Enjoy the pictures from our little trip up the mountain to pick apples!