Olivia ~ 12 Months

It’s so hard to say that my baby girl is ONE year old, I remember walking into the hospital super early morning to get induced and taking our last picture as a family of two and then having my water broken at about 830am, eating ice chips, turning from side to side, laying down, sitting up, getting an epidural at 4cm, not feeling my legs, and then finally feeling the pressure to push and baby came quick after a few pushes and the surprise to having a baby girl when almost everyone was saying we were going to have a boy! The best day of our lives getting to see OUR beautiful little baby girl. Nick got to cut your cord, no crying for your first shot, and making mommy and daddy and the nurses in shock as you opened your mouth and latched on and began nursing like you had been doing it forever!! Olivia Reagan you amaze us every single day and we could not be happier to be your parents and get to spend every day watching you grow and loving on you.

Wow, 12 months and we are still nursing, Olivia is just now as of last week getting her first and second teeth. Thankfully she really has been great, she wants to nurse a little more often and has a yucky nose but she’s dealt with teething really well!! She just had her first Massey’s pizza delivered by her Mimi from Ohio, she LOVES eating period. HA! She will try everything,even dog food. (insert eye rolling from me)

Olivia I am sure you will be walking very soon, you are standing up by yourself not pulling on anything to get up, you walk along furniture, walk holding mommy and daddy’s hands. I am so excited for you to walk, so we can walk around the park and explore some new things! I am so proud of you baby girl, learning everyday!

You only weigh 17 pounds, 1 ounce and 70.4 inches long. You had to get four shots at your 12 month doctor visit and a finger prick but you did so well and we got a new book from the doctor!! We had your birthday party before your actual birthday but you loved it, we got some amazing gifts and you had pumpkin pie to smash and you loved it!!

Olivia has been clapping, dancing and doing the indian call all day everyday and it makes her so happy! We have been going to the park and swinging in the baby swing and playing in the grass. She is still in size 2 diapers and wearing some 9 and some 12 month clothes. She has recently tried raisins, masseys pizza, and a cake pop for her birthday.

Enjoy her 12 month photos!!