Olivia~ 5 Months

Well Olivia's 4th month of life went by really fast! I cannot imagine how much quicker time would go by watching her grow if I were working a full time job. I feel like I'm missing so much already just working part time! Props to all you full time working moms that make everything work, I couldn't do it!

Olivia has been learning new things seems like everyday, sometimes it sounds like she says things like "yeah" and "hungry" hahaha but she is still experimenting with her voice. She loves putting her fist in her mouth and making all sorts of noises, I think she gets really entertained when she hears herself and gnawing on her gums feels good!

She is supporting herself more and more everyday, we have been using her Skiphop activity center and her highchair at the table! I can't wait to make her baby food in a few weeks and see how she reacts to that! But then again I can wait because she is just growing too fast!!

She still loves bath time, it seems like every bath she gets more and more comfortable with it and she loves when I pour the water in front of her and she touches it with her hands and her toes. It's the coolest thing to watch her experience new things and to realize the connections between seeing something and feeling it. She has had cradle cap for a couple months now so Cayla helped and rubbed coconut oil in her hair and brush it to help get that to go away. Also I've been using breastmilk on her face after I pump or after she eats to help keep her skin nice and clear and it's been great, she hasn't had any baby acne in a long time! I am really tempted to start using some on my own face! Ha!

She was sleeping through the night until we got really sick but now she is working her way back into getting a good 10 or 11 hours of sleep! This makes mama happy! She has been chewing on anything and EVERYTHING! Her mimi got her a little stearing wheel and she's been gnawing on that even though its a hard plastic! I was able to make her some cute chewable paci clips so she has loved those as well! 

Olivia is still doing an amazing job breastfeeding and taking a bottle when I work, I am so proud of her! Honestly I think she just loves to eat!! She gets soo excited when she sees us eat, it's too funny! I am still pumping and maintaining my freezer stash, so very thankful to be able to do this for her and hopefully I can make it to her first birthday with breastfeeding!

Oh and she is rolling from back to front and front to back and not crying when she gets on her belly! And she has actually been using her arms to prop herself up and keeping her head up and building those neck muscles! This makes me really happy because she has cried for months whenever she's gotten on her belly! She loves turning around too, I put her down on her mat and I look away for a minute and she's already got herself in a different position!

She's growing up so fast! Mommy and Daddy love you so much baby girl!! 


Enjoy Olivia's 5 month photos! I don't even care that the last one is completely out of focus it's too amazing to not post! 

Also her new bow from Little Poppy CO. we love!!