Olivia~ 4 Months

It is so hard to believe that it has been 4 months since our little girl came into this world! 

It is so amazing getting to watch her grow and learn new things everyday. We have been super busy with me working at Block and spending extra time getting both of us ready. But we are figuring it out day by day.  The last few weeks we have been sick, just passing whatever we have around and it been stressful! I hate having to watch Olivia be sick and not being able to really help her. We visited the doctor just to be safe and everything looks good. Olivia tried to lick/suck the doctor's hand while she was trying to check her ears and she was using a tongue depressor to see if she had any teeth popping through and Olivia just wanted to lick it. HAHA I couldn't stop laughing she is seriously the happiest little girl ever! She's been dealing with this cold like a pro! 

Olivia has rubbed a little bald spot on the back of her head, its too funny! She still hates tummy time even though she has started rolling over from her back to her belly and starts screaming when she realizes she's on her belly. Recently she has found her feet so she is loving those and pulling on them all the time! And when I try to dress her she always grabs the inside of her sleeves and tries to bit her hand!! Its like arm wrestling her to get her onesie on!! 

It seems like she may end up with red hair or strawberry blonde, which feels crazy to me to have a light haired, blue eyed baby! I keep staring at her and am just so amazed at how beautiful she is and that she's mine. 

Right now Olivia is wearing 3 month clothes, but some of her sleepers are starting to get snug. It's crazy how fast she is growing and how quickly time is going by. She loves her lounger boppy and takes most of her naps in it, we have tried other ways for naps but that's her favorite. She is trying to sit up all the time, constantly trying to sit up on her own while she's in the lounger, it looks like she's doing a crunch. She's taking more interest in her little toys, she has a little ring of chewy things and animals on it and shes really bee enjoying chewing on that and rubbing it all over her face. 

Olivia is a TV bug!! I try not to let her have any screen time but she manages to see someones phone or computer no matter how I try to divert her attention. 

This past weekend when Olivia actually turned 4 months old her meme came to visit and she just loved spending time with her. Meme got Olivia this cute little elephant that sings and plays peek-a-boo with it's ears. We went shopping, saw some family for dinner, mostly just hung around and relaxed. We took Olivia's 4 month photos last weekend in her bassinet, you can see how big she is getting!! I just love her smiles and how she kicks her feet like crazy when she's happy! She LOVES when I wink at her, it's so funny! She's started getting really verbal and yelling and acting like she's talking, and of course her favorite thing to do is stand up (assisted of course) and look around at everything.


 Well enjoy her silly little smiles and see how big she's getting!!!