Olivia~ 6 Months

My baby is half way to one year old?!!!! 

I am loving all the time and giggles and snuggles I get with Olivia.  Being a mom has been the most rewarding thing in my life. Nick and I are constantly laughing and smiling because of our sweet girl! Olivia has been getting more mobile and more verbal every day. She has been rolling around a ton, she's gotten her head underneath the stretchy cover on the bottom of the pac n play. She's flipped off her boppy while it was on the floor so now we know she is only allowed on the floor! She also keeps pushing herself up the boppy and her head ends up hanging off, the first time she did that she was trying to get a glance of the tv because I faced her towards us and away from the tv. haha We are still waking up to nurse during the night  and she's taking her bottles no problem. We haven't started her on solids yet but they will be coming very soon and I know she is ready for it. We tried to give her a test run on the sippy cup and she figured it out (munchkin brand you have to bite to drink from) but she just doesn't know how to stop herself so she ends up wearing it! ha! 

She is currently grabbing Nick's beard and trying to eat his face so I am thoroughly enjoying it! hahaha We have discovered her love for crinkle books so we are playing with those while she's in her highchair and I'm trying to get things accomplished! 

Right now she is pretty much into most 6 month outfits and sleepers and wearing size 1 diapers, but we will be testing size 2 to see how those fit. Also right now she sounds like she is losing her voice- one probably because she cries and refuses to sleep while I'm at work and two because she screams and squeals for fun most of the day! So we will both be much happier when this tax season is over! 

Oh and she'a loving chewing on her toes or anyone else's arms or hands! She keeps sticking her fingers in her mouth and trying to blow/spit/talk and the concentration on her face while doing this is hilarious!

We are loving her Ingenuity booster seat, we just pick it up and take it where we go and love her chicco snap on high chair for home, so glad I chose these two! 

Olivia goes to her 6 month appointment next week and we will get to see how much she's grown and sadly she will have to get a few shots. :( 

I seriously cannot get over these silly expressions she has, you'll see below!