Olivia~ 8 Months

My baby is 8 months old! I am so incredibly proud to be her mama and get to watch her grow and learn each and every day!! 

Again we have had a busy month, my sister Cayla got married at the end of May so we spent a lot of time running around and putting things together for the wedding. Olivia handled all the shopping trips like a pro and she has been such an amazing baby! 

We have been trying lots of new foods, like green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, butternut squash, peas and she's been enjoying it all! I really super love getting to keep nursing her and making her fresh vegetables and fruits! Oh and she always looks forward and screams for her oatmeal in the morning. 

Our girl is sitting up all by herself, although I have to lend her a hand if she's lying down. And she loves to use my hands to pull herself up to standing, and has also been doing so in her pac n play (which is why we just lowered it) and in her bassinet, so it's about time to get her a crib! haha 

We have been going to the pool almost everyday and she loves it whether the water is warm or cold she just loves it! We got her a floatie this past week and she has been laying on it and falling asleep even if she had just gotten up from her nap. 

She still has no teeth, which is totally fine with me since we are still nursing, and I hear that it's better the longer it takes for the baby teeth to poke through. We have been working on her naps since the craziness of Cayla's wedding is over, so now we get up, nurse, play, eat oatmeal, and I can put her in her bassinet and she is out like a light! Which gives this mama some time to edit and work on my business and our personal stuff I always have on my to do list! 

Olivia has started to make sounds like mama and dada but me and Nick can't agree or decide whats what, haha! I just love hearing her talk and squawk, she's really been testing those vocal cords the last couple weeks and seeing how long she can make a noise. She's so funny, and you will see below the silly little faces she is always making at us. 

Her new favorite thing to do is to sit in front of her little toy bin and unload all her toys and then pull down the bin on herself and fall over, without fail several times a day. She also tried to escape her highchair the other day, had her little leg up over the sides and was trying to push out!!! She's not crawling yet, but I think we can totally wait on that since she's already a little ninja!  


See her 8 month photos below!!