Olivia~ 7 Months

Our little girl is 7 months young! 

We have had an eventful last few weeks, as always Olivia is learning so much every day and is giving me the silliest/cutest faces ever! 

I had a very very busy last month working at Block and I can't express how happy I am that the season is over. So I have had about two weeks off from work and it's still been pretty busy! 

Olivia had her 6 month appointment and she weighed 14 pounds, and overall was 20th percentile for height and weight! She's still my little baby, but some days she sure does look big! We started Olivia on solids few weeks ago and we thought she liked avocados but turns out not so much! Haha She does love the oatmeal baby cereal, sweet potatoes,bananas and apples so far! I haven't decided which food she will try next but I have really enjoyed being able to make her food! I have been using a pressure cooker, my mini kitchenaid food processor and an immersion blender to whip up her food and that has worked the best and quickest! Apparently making apple sauce is like really easy and all you need is a pressure cooker and immersion blender, it's so fun for me!! Olivia has been eating really well, and for the most part she is pretty clean while eating! ha

So we survived the end of tax season and have been nursing and pumping the whole time, so thankful! We went on a visit to Ohio this past weekend and that was fun, Olivia got to meet a lot of her family for the first time! She did great on the car ride to and from Ohio she only got cranky when she wanted out of the carseat. She had a little trouble sleeping while we stayed with family since this was a whole new place with new smells and sounds but we made it though! My GG (Olivia's great great grandma) got to meet her and was just so in love with her. She gave Olivia her first little bit of sugar ( like she did with me and all my sisters, cousins and niece and nephews!). GG gave Olivia sweet potatoes and that was kind of messy but hey she was fed! haha Olivia's cousins were just loving all over her and watching her close to see what all she could do! She also got to meet another cousin that is just a few months older than her and that was fun although they seemed liked the other wasn't really there and just did their own thing! It was so great getting to see our family and catching up with some old friends. We look forward to our next trip to Ohio.

Olivia has been rolling all around, literally every way you can roll around on the floor she is doing it! She is also working on sitting up by herself, in her lounger boppy she sits on her own really well so I know it's only a matter of time before she's sitting unassisted. 

Also she has been showing signs on crawling, pushing off with her legs and using her arms even more to pick herself up off the floor. Hopefully we still have a little while before she's completely mobile!

I can't forget about the screaming/talking/noise making, she's just been enjoying her voice so much and it just cracks us up!! 

We are still working on getting her to sleep through the night, she takes great naps during the day but at night she is still waking up once or twice so this is exhausting! I'm nursing her about once a night to try to help her get back to sleep. Just not sure what I need to try to help her to sleep through the night, so any mommas out there send me some help! (We've tried to let her cry it out but it wakes Nick up and that is hard on him when he's got to work) 

This girl has some seriously funny facial expressions, you will see below! I laugh looking at these photos we just took today because it just looks like she's dancing in most of them!

And you will see the ways she likes to contort her little body and move her head around, she's so silly! 

We are still unsure of what her hair color is, looks blonde a lot of the time but then like in her photos in looks red and when she gets upset or something her little eyebrows and nose turns red! Either way I'm just so happy she has these beautiful blue eyes from her daddy!! 

Enjoy her silly 7 month photos below and see how big she has gotten!