Kevin + Cayla

Kevin and Cayla finally tied the knot after years and years together and after two kids, buying a house going through all kinds of crazy life has thrown them! And I couldn't be happier to have been the one to photograph their special day! 

Cayla is one of my seven sisters and Kevin is my always sarcastic (now official) brother-in-law and their day was rushed yet beautiful and a lot of fun! 

The day started off great everything was set up and looked beautiful in the barn and we were stoked and also so hot!! haha Getting ready took a little longer than expected and so we weren't able to do a first look but we have beautiful getting ready shots, details and we were able to fit in a few portraits for the newly weds! 

Since they have two kids, Will (age 5) and Ella (age 2) and they were involved in the wedding ceremony it was bound to be an interesting day!! Of course the kids really wanted nothing to do with walking down the aisle or standing beside their parents. Ella cried I think because she was afraid of all the people and didn't have her momma in sight! And Will was on the same page as his sister but of course was kind of expected to help her but ya HAHA

So Kevin ended up walking back down the aisle to go get Ella and he held her through half of the ceremony. Will saw that Ella was going up the aisle with Kevin so he began a slight jog behind him so he wasn't left out alone! 

Anyways my father walked my sister down the aisle and she looked gorgeous and dad just looked emotional! ha! But for real everyone looked great and the wedding details were beautiful! 

After the very VERY quick ceremony we rushed through the family formals and got as many people to cooperate as we could and we moved on it quite a hurry to do a few portraits with Kevin and Cayla. 

That part was so fun going out and getting to do these portraits with them, watching Kevin walk to one location stop turn and flap his jacket to get some air! I'm telling you it was hot, and Kevin let me know every time by flapping his jacket open and closed! 

Once we got through portraits we had a couple minutes to chug some water and then off to the reception, where Kevin and Cayla had their first dance as man and wife!! So sweet! 

And then the father daughter dance, which my dad and my sister cried and hugged through the song. While shooting I wasn't too emotional, especially since I had been there almost 6 years ago at my wedding when he cried the entire time! haha 

Watching Kevin and his mom Chris dance was so sweet and I could tell it just warmed and melted Chris' heart to have that moment with her son. 

We got to enjoy some awesome dance moves through out the night and a lot of flossing going on by the people that can actually do it! 

All in all in was a beautiful and fun wedding, and I am so happy for my sister and brother-in-law on their gorgeous day! 




Venue: Belleview Meadows


Flowers: Joys Petals

Cake: Candace Chapman

Dress: Best Bride Prom & Tux

Sign: Innovative Custom Creations