Olivia ~ 9 Months

I cannot express how happy I am to be this little girls mom! She fills me with so much joy and love, I just had no idea it was possible to love a little human this much!

I catch myself staring at her when she is asleep and I am just amazed time and time again at how beautiful and smart and loving she is. I will never get tired of seeing her accomplish her goals and learn each and every day. 

I seriously can't believe that she has been out of my belly for 9 months already, it just feels so unreal. I mean my pregnancy with her went by fast and now she's been out as long as she was in! 

Since I have been able to stay home with her it has been the biggest blessing getting to continue nursing her and making her fresh baby food, to getting her after nap time snuggles and making her giggle, it is seriously the best job in the entire world. 

Olivia is so close to crawling, and I am terrified hahaha! She's been sitting up for a while now but just a week ago she figured out how to sit herself up from laying down, at first she started on her belly and pulled her legs up and then walked her hands backwards until she was sitting up by herself. And now she can get up from laying on her side and all kinds of crazy ways. She also LOVES pulling herself up on things and seeing what is up there she can grab! A couple weeks ago she pulled my laptop off the ottoman- she wasn't touched at all somehow and the computer is fine! So we are constantly already on our toes trying to watch what she is doing and we KNOW that when she is QUIET it's not so good and she is really concentrating on something mischievous. Needless to say we are a little nervous for her to be REALLY mobile! 


This girl will try any food and every food, for the most part she loves everything the first time and if not we try again a little later and she has came around. When we go out to eat and I didn't plan for it (which somehow every time we eat out, it's random) we order a side of avocados and I mash them up for her and it's literally the best, healthiest way to feed her when we are out. When I do plan I get her a frozen pouch of food and it stays cold til we are ready for it and she loves it anywhere, sometimes in her car seat when we are on the go! 

A couple weeks ago I mixed up some fresh strawberries (from my dads garden) and some breast milk and made her some yummy popsicles! She demolished it the first time she had one.

She is still loving pulling all her toys from her bins, and now her new favorite is to pull down the wipes I have in a pile (Sams club has their brand wipes on sale until the 15th and we LOVE them so I got some to stock up). She is still wearing her 6 month clothes, I even got her an old navy 4th of July onesie that was 3-6 and it's big on her...lol you will see. So she is still like 14-15 pounds, our little pumpkin! 

I am not going to lie I have started thinking about her birthday, decorations mostly haha! I know I want to crochet a bunch of fun things to decorate with because I can and because it's cute. Also we may have family coming into town for her birthday so we want to give them enough time to plan! 

Olivia's mimi just got her a mini crib and we love it!! It fits in our space perfectly and she loves it! She just gets stuck on occasion, which I assume is normal...haha 

Nick was gone for about a week working in Virginia and it was weird the day he left things just go wrong (like the deployment curse) so Olivia decided to pee on the changing table two times and then she peed on me right after we got out of the bath. And she was just extra fussy for naps and going to bed at night so I was really happy to have Nick come back yesterday! 

Also I accidentally dropped my jar of almond milk that I made and it shattered milk and glass all over the counter (monday), then when I went to put Olivia into the car on one of our errands the diaper bag broke and I can't fix it (monday), and the big finish on MONDAY was that after picking up groceries we were in our first car accident...

We were headed home like 2 minutes after picking up the groceries, sitting at a red light and we were rear ended by some that was rear ended by someone who didn't feel like paying attention to the road and decided not to use his brakes that day! So me and my sister and Olivia were in my car and thankfully the utility van that hit us had tried to turn and get into the median and only hit the driver side bumper of my car. My sister and Olivia went across the street with this sweet woman and were able to get into air conditioning and EMS checked them out and tested our car seat while we waited for highway patrol to come do his thing. So that was all interesting but really am glad that van was between us and the car that cause the accident because it could have been so much worse for us. And the van barely had a scratch on it and the car that cause it was clearly totaled. Just glad that's over and no one was hurt. Literally my family has had 3 accidents in the last 2.5 weeks, so just say a quick prayer over us that we can keep ourselves out of these scary situations!

I have been packing up Olivia's newborn items that she doesn't/can't use anymore, I'm a little sad but also happy to give her more room to play with her big girl toys like she's doing now. She gets herself into all kinds of painful situations after she dumps all the toys out so there's a lot of rescuing going on and I often have to get on the floor and throw all the toys back in the baskets to let her start over and keep her busy for a bit. LOL! 


We have officially installed her big girl car seat into my car and my arm thanks me! For real carrying her and the infant car seat was beginning to hurt even though she doesn't weigh that much it was work. And we just keep the stroller in the trunk and of course she can sit up which is really helpful. 

Olivia is so wild sometimes, she's decided her favorite thing to do when she's excited and happy is rock her whole body forward and back on repeat and sometimes she gets too excited and gets her face into water (pool) or head butts someone! Like always she is using her voice every chance she gets, especially in the morning she LOVES screaming for fun, and squealing LOUD!! Oh and slapping her hands down on the table or the floor goes along with the screaming! 

On June 30th we got a new little nephew and a new cousin for Via so we are happy we get to make a trip to Ohio later this month for a wedding and to see the new little guy! We love you so much already little Joshua! 

We had a lot of fun doing Olivia's 9 month photos and we were able to do some fun 4th photos as well! See where she went down the slide with Nick for the first time. SO enjoy her cute little face!!