Olivia ~ 10 Months

Double digit months, what?! Our little pumpkin is TEN months old, this is crazy. 

Oh and she has been a little busy body, let me tell you!! Gone are the days of most snuggles because folks she can crawl and she cannot be told no. Alright well she can be told no she just doesn't pay attention to that. HA! So she learned how to crawl a few weeks ago, so she's been getting into and on everything. Because she is also a pro at pulling herself up onto things she is in everything, and I mean everything. Just yesterday I was trying to make a few bill payments and get organized and where do I find this monkey....IN THE TOILET...yes in the toilet!!!!! She's playing and splashing around like it's a grand ole time and I am just like wow and that's totally disgusting and we have to wash her hands and arms which you know of course she gets mad at me for. Oh well, life of a mother huh? 

Like I said getting into and on everything,  trying to climb stairs at my dads then gets upset when she thinks she stuck on the second step. Oh and totally fascinated by the dog food and water bowls so thats a daily struggle letting her have some freedom while also keeping her from the dog food. Me and Nick like to watch our show and eat dinner and we use the ottoman and sometimes she's not in bed when we eat so she stands up with the ottoman and has repeatedly grapped Nicks food and tried to get his drinks. So far she has knocked my water down three times and a cup of cold old coffee down. So we shall see what's next. 

Olivia I have no doubt that she will be walking in just a few months, she's got a really good balance she's tested a few times. she pulls herself up like a pro, her leg muscles just seem really strong, and she has no problem walking around the ottoman to get to the food and drinks we have moved away from her. LOL!

This girl still only weighs about 15 pounds so we are working on beefing her up, so she has started eating yogurt and seems like some days she is eating around the clock. She tried blackbeans the other night and she really likes those! I am waiting on our homemade yogurt to chill in the fridge and then she will be trying that today with some pureed blueberries and strawberries and we are super excited!! (Update, she loves the yogurt and its so healthy!) She is loving whole blueberries too!

We made a trip to Ohio in July and Olivia did a really good job in the car, we had to get her out to stretch and change her diaper a couple times. Oh and don't let me forget, she pooped through her diaper and through her brand new burts bess pj's I had just gotten her before we left on the way up there. Then while we were headed up to Columbus from where the wedding was she pooped again, but MUCH worse. She had on all white shorts we had just gotten her from Old Navy and exploded her diaper down her leg and into her toes and carseat. So that was fun cleaning up in the Bob Evans parking lot with some "I've been there smiles" and "ew what" faces going by. So that was fun. 

She also still really likes unloading my cart that has the breastpump and bottles and burp clothes on it, and I've learned to just let her make the mess and play in it as long as its safe and then when she sleeps I clean and I feel better. HA

Olivia is getting back on track with regular nap times (going to Ohio messed that up a bit) so hopefully she will be back on track with LONG naps here soon. I just have to decide not to take a nap with her because somedays I am so tired! We are still getting up to nurse during the night, so that's probably why I am so tired. 

Me and Nick went out for our anniversary on Saturday and we had extra time before our movie so we stopped into Old Navy, and found some good deals for Olivia, so many cute baby clothes! We got her a pair of little brown moccasins, still a little big because she's so small but I think it will be good for her to get used to the feeling of wearing them. I am excited and also a little nervous for her to be walking, but mostly excited to see her accomplish something so big! Olivia still fits in 6 months clothes and we are just now trying 9 months, and I just realized a little bit ago she has like 2 -9 month sleepers so we will be on the look out for some sleepers very soon!! 

Enjoying some of the fun images we have taken in the last week or so in honor of her turning 10 MONTHS!