Kendall ~ Senior

I may be a little biased, but Kendall is gorgeous and these senior portraits are beautiful! It’s truly hard to believe that Kendall is a senior in high school and making these amazing plans for college and beyond. We made a VERY QUICK trip down to Charleston Septeht -mber 6 and came back the next day. We didn’t realize that we made the trip just in time since just the very next weekend a hurricane was called to hit. It was probably the fastest trip I have ever made, less than 24 hours. But we were able to wake up Friday morning early and some how get ready and get to the beach before the morning glow was gone! You will see how beautiful it was, how soft the light was and how glowy it was. Thankful that we got a few wispy clouds in that gave us a little extra time to shoot on the beach.

One thing we were totally surprised by was that Kendall came to the beach with curly hair she spent time doing that morning and I am not even kidding you five minutes into shooting her hair went flat!! So I will be reaching out to some photographer friends that live at the beach for some tips on what to do with hair. I just didn’t realize or think that maybe the salt air or the humidity or whatever would make her hair go flat so quickly!!

Regardless of the hair fiasco and thankful to the clouds for some softened light we got some really gorgeous images!

After the beach we headed to Rainbow row where we walked up and down the streets searching for little nooks and crannies, fun walls, and pretty alleys. And let me tell you in downtown Charleston there is a lot of pretty, bright, fun places to shoot. We ended up with pretty much perfect weather the whole time we were there, it actually rained for like one whole minute right before we took a break for lunch. It was seriously so fun and so charming getting to shoot Kendall downtown Charleston.

Kendall is really considering going to Charleston Southern University next fall and getting in to the medical field. We are all so incredibly proud of Kendall for doing so well throughout high school despite all the trials she has had with family and just typical high school life. She has really worked hard getting good grades, now in her senior year she is as busy as ever!!

Kendall is taking a few classes to finish out her senior year, one college class, working part-time, and taking clogging with our youngest sister Emma.

I am so proud of you Kendall for pushing yourself and making big plans for your future. I wish you all the success and an incredible time in college wherever that may be!! (But I do hope you go to Charleston so we can come visit often!!) Love you baby sis!

Enjoy some of my favorite images!!