Our Quick Trip to Charleston, SC

We decided we wanted to go to Charleston, one to take Olivia to the beach for the first time and two Kendall wanted to do her senior pictures down there. So we started making plans and things got messed up along the way, but we ended up leaving around 3 pm on a Thursday and left Charleston around 4pm Friday because we had plans for Saturday we had to be back for. That was the quickest trip I think I’ve ever made, but if you saw Kendall’s senior pictures and Olivia having so much fun on the beach it was worth it!

We got to walk around a little bit Thursday night and we got dinner at this scrumptious restaurant on the water. After wandering around and having dinner we were kind of tired and knew we had to get up early so we headed to the hotel.

We got up around 6am to start getting ready to do senior pictures and Olivia had woken up to nurse around 5ish so she was not interested in actually waking up at 6 something. I had Olivia halfway undressed before she decided to wake up and see what was going on. We were able to make it to the beach in time to get some beautiful morning glow for Kendall’s portraits and we decided it was a good time to get into our swimsuits after I finished shooting.

Olivia of course was loving the sand and you know she had to taste it so that was fun, she got to have a morning snack with Grandma on the beach and see the birds and dogs walking all around. And it was so nice to have such a HUGE space for her to just crawl her little heart out, until she got close to the water of course. She picked up a shell right off the bat so we kept that for her and some sand in a bottle to do something special with. Olivia took a couple small waves in the face, but she absolutely loved the water and the sand, I can’t wait to see how she does when she is walking.

After we played on the beach we headed back to the hotel to shower and change and check out. Kendall took FOREVER picking out her second outfit but finally we got out the door and headed downtown Charleston to Rainbow row where I started shooting again. So we got some really fun shots, and there is just so many places to shoot down there it’s crazy. After I finished shooting we stopped to get lunch at Magnolia (see Kendall’s images, the yellow alley has a sign) and that place was so yumm!! We got to walk around for a bit more after that. Everything is just SO CHARMING down there. I love it so much. We got to see the pineapple fountain too. But we were exhausted by about 4 PM so we were like I think it’s time to get on the road. We still had 3.5 hour drive home. So I realize there is a lot more to see in Charleston and around it but I am just glad we were able to get down there to get senior pictures, take Olivia to the beach, and cross this one thing off my 2018 goals. Yay! It was quick but it was fun!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from our trip!

First cell phone pictures, yes some are blurry because I can’t get this girl to sit still!! haha