Olivia ~ 11 Months

Olivia Reagan you are eleven months old and I just cannot believe it. Almost an entire year old. And I still feel like pushing and seeing you for the first time was yesterday. 

Our girl has been growing and learning so so much! Nick has taught her how to indian call with her hand and mouth so she's doing that several times a day. We have been working on her asking for more in sign language when we are snacking. Olivia can stand up for like 20 seconds on her own and then she plops her butt on the floor. She is still pulling herself onto everything and walking that way but not yet on her own. This girl has gotten into so much stuff lately, dresser drawers, trash cans, toilet, our dinner plates when they are within reach, anything that is not hers that she could possibly get into she gets into. She also loves pulling on cords and unplugs my computer so much, so if you wonder why it takes forever to write a blog post or to edit there it is. Ha 

Olivia is just getting into 9 month clothes, some of the one piece outfits are baggy on her but the separate pieces fit pretty good. She is still in size 2 diapers, I keep trying size 3 on her just to see and they go up like half her back. She weighs around 16 pounds, and she still has no teeth!! We are still nursing and I am both excited and sad thinking about weening her soon. She is still getting up to nurse a couple times during the night and that has been really hard because I know she is just doing it to soothe and she will be back asleep in minutes. So I am stumped on how to help her help herself to soothe without having to nurse, and not wake up Nick up at the same time.  Although she is still really good about taking her naps, often I've been napping with her first nap of the day because I never feel like I get enough sleep with her waking up during the night. But she soothes herself just fine when it's nap time. :/

I  have been busy getting ready for her birthday party and chasing her around and now we have this gross cold so it's taken me a little longer to get to this blog post up. But wait til you see how we had to take her 11 month photos, I am soo curious how her 12 month photos will go. 

We went to Charleston last week to take Kendall's senior portraits and to take Olivia to the beach for the first time. Olivia loved the beach, she ate some sand so that was to be expected and she caught a couple waves in the face but she loved it. LOVED it. We got up early to go to the beach for sunrise so she got really sleepy while we were playing and I got to snuggle her while she slept in my arms. Sun on my face, salt air, waves running over my feet and my sweet baby in my arms, one of my favorite moments. 

This girl has been wild, and I mean wild, she's yelling for fun and because she's mad on occasion, she's learned to wave good-bye and it's the cutest thing. Her crawling speed has quadrupled in the last month. Oh and lets not forget about the pout/sad face that she has learned to do, it literally shatters my world seeing her make that face. She only makes that face for like 5 seconds and it is so so sad I cannot handle it. Olivia loves to go outside and wait for daddy to get home, but she always ends up pre-occupied with the dirt and mulch that she never pays attention to Nick pulling into the drive way. And she has had her first tasting of dirt and she didn't seem to mind it at all. HA 


All in all we have an incredible, smart, loving, snuggly, happy baby girl and we couldn't be more proud or happy.  We love you Olivia Reagan Bradley, don't grow up to fast. 


Enjoy her 11 month photos! (beach pictures to come later!)